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Clash Royale – Do You Need To Spend Money To Win?

Clash Royale remains as one of the popular games you can play, even to this day. There are still many people playing the game and vying for recognition as one of the best players in this game. But like many multiplayer games that you can play, you are likely asking if Clash Royale is a game that will require you to spend money to win?

Pay to win strategy is usually an issue that many multiplayer games face, especially the free ones that provide a lot of in-game purchases available. In this article, we’ll take a look if Clash Royale is one of those games that also suffer from this problem.

What Can You Buy In Clash Royale?

Before we answer the question of whether Clash Royale is a pay-to-win game, let’s first discuss what the things that you can buy in this game are. Like many games, Clash Royale also offers a shop where you can purchase items that will help you progress in this game. The main thing you can buy for your progress are chests, which can contain cards that you might need for the deck your building or upgrading.

Chests can be earned as rewards, but the fastest way to get them is through the shop. Chests would cost you Gems, which are the game’s premium currency. As the game’s premium currency, acquiring them won’t be easy.


Clash Royale Money Chest


You can get some gems as part of rewards that are inside chests, or you can earn them as a one-time Trophy reward for reaching 900 Trophies and 2900 Trophies. Additionally, you can acquire them from completing quests, rewards from Clan Wars, and so on. However, the fastest way to get them is by purchasing them with real money.

This matter would mean people who have money to spend will be able to progress faster than people who are playing the game for free. You can still earn Gems that you can use to purchase chests. But that would require that you invest time and effort in the game so you can make enough Gems to purchase chests to help you build and strengthen your deck.

Is Clash Royale A Pay-To-Win Game?

Looking at what you can buy in this game and how it affects gameplay, it’s safe to say that this game is not a pay-to-win game. You won’t necessarily win as often as you like if you pour in money on the game. Deckbuilding is just one aspect; you will still need to use these cards to win a match correctly. However, it is also easy to see that the game is more of a pay-to-progress faster.


Clash Royale Pot


When you spend money, you won’t automatically win, but it will help you to progress faster. This action means quickly acquiring all the cards you need. Also, you  can still do these things without spending, but it will take you longer, and you will need to spend time and effort on the game.

So, if you think this game is pay-to-win, you are sorely mistaken since spending doesn’t necessarily equate to winning. However, this game does offer an advantage to spenders in the form of being able to progress faster than free-to-play players. 

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