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Clash Royale Season 18 Balance Changes in December 2020

Clash Royale is now at season 18 and still going strong. The newest season brings a new snowy Holiday-themed cluster of content for its players worldwide. Season 18 also brings the debut of the latest card: the Mother Witch. Expect some recent changes for the X-Bow, Heal Spirit, Goblin Giant, and more. Continue to read below to see the balance changes.

General Point

Clash Royale wants to make the game more competitive than its current state. It seems like they want players to act on the game more seriously and for its pro players to have a significant advantage if they play their cards right. First off, let’s talk about the Mother Witch. She’s a utility card that can turn enemies into hogs, which seems quite broken if you look at it.

Although, the counter to this is her low HP. The X-Bow rework finally makes the convoluted card a potential meta-pick for high elo plays. At the same time, the Guards are getting more balanced for a relatively consistent approach. The Barbarian Hut will also take a massive beatdown with its lesser HP, making it less of a priority pick for defense.


Clash Royale Season 18


The Graveyard will also have a somewhat necessary nerf with lesser Skeleton spawns to reduce its longevity, making it a breeze for frontline cards on the opposing team. Goblin Giant is now more relevant in destroying buildings with its slightly faster hit speed, ideal for high elo players.

Meanwhile, the Heal Spirit will be put back as a support type card with reduced damage output. The Fisherman will also get an HP to nerf, so his tackiness will never overshadow his primary function. On the other hand, the Witch gets a nice buff of faster Skeleton spawns, so it is a more frequent card than the Graveyard.

The Skeleton Barrel will also receive a nerf of lesser HP so that it can go in tandem with Skeleton Dragons, Magic Archer, and Zappies – all with 440 HP. Finally, the Bats get their actual stats back with faster First Hit attacks. Buffs and Nerfs According to Supercell All of these are from the patch notes provided by Supercell:


  • Lifetime reduced from 40 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Hit speed reduced from 0.25 seconds to 0.3 seconds
  • Damage increased by 30 percent
  • Hitpoints reduced by four percent


  • Hit speed increased by 10 percent (1.1 second to one second)
  • Hitpoints reduced by 32 percent (same as Skeletons)

Barbarian Hut

  • Hitpoints reduced by 22 percent


  • Initial Skeleton Spawn Time delayed by ten percent (from two seconds to 2.2 seconds)

Goblin Giant

  • Hit Speed increased from 1.7 second to 1.5 second

Heal Spirit

  • Damage reduced by 59 percent


  • Hitpoints reduced by 10 percent


  • Faster Initial Skeleton Spawn reduced from 3.5 seconds to one second

Electro Wizard

  • Damage reduced by 2.5 percent

Skeleton Barrel

  • Hitpoints reduced by 19 percent


  • First Hit faster by 0.2 seconds


Clash Royale Season 18


Clash Royale Game Analysis

Clash Royale has undergone some more severe changes than it has ever been a couple of years ago. The new patches will make the game more competitive, especially with how the new X-Bow goes and the Bats and Witch return.

It also addressed some of the more annoying issue like how the Heal Spirit became an excellent defensive damage dealer. Or, how you can even win the game with just the Guards and a Graveyard. Supercell wants to make things fairer for its competitive players to sacrifice the more gimmicky choices by its casual players.

However, while Season 18 may seem like a killjoy, it’s still quite fun. There are still some other issues unaddressed yet, like the Giants and the Archers. Still, for the most part, these Season 18 buffs and nerfs are necessary if they want to keep Clash Royale in a healthy state.

We fear that Supercell may go through the “rework curse” that many other competitive games have suffered, like League of Legends, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Overwatch. But, if they make small changes, we’re very specific the players will remain happy.

Climbing the Ladder: Is It Easier or Harder?

Those who want to get into a higher rank may finally grab that opportunity after all the nerfs on the more cheese-type cards. If you feel like this is your season, make sure to keep in touch with the game’s current buffs and nerfs. Just watch out for the Mother Witch, though, as she seems quite OP at the moment.

Or, you can also catch some techniques on how to play the game online for better game experience. How does that sound? Right now, Clash Royale seems like it is in a good state – not too competitive yet not too casual. That is a perfect fit for its large player base.