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Clash Royale Game Online – A Guide to Properly Build A Deck

When you’re playing Clash Royale, one of the most important aspects of the game is deck building. Keep in mind that the deck is what you will use in battle. So if you don’t know how to build a good deck, you will have a tough time playing the game and winning as much as possible.

Now, this article could have easily been what’s the best deck in the game, and you would copy that deck and use it in battle. Though that may have been easier, it would better if you understand how to build a deck properly. The best deck usually changes as the game’s developer is always introducing new cards or buffing or nerfing certain cards. So, the meta deck changes continuously.

Tips to Building A Winning Deck in Clash Royale

Knowing how to build a deck will help you adjust in case you need to create a new deck based on the current meta. This article will provide tips on helping you build a winning deck. Check out below for more!

1. What Kind of Deck Will it Be?

The first thing you need to do is to identify what kind of deck you will be building. There are many different decks available in the game and knowing what style you want is the first step. Are you building a Controller Deck A Siege Deck? Or some other type of deck?

Once you have decided on what kind of deck you want to build, it will be easier to know the kind of cards you will need for the deck. This will allow you to concentrate only on certain cards and not try to collect everything and upgrade everything, wasting your resources in the process.


Clash Royale Battle Deck


2. What’s the Main Card of the Deck?

After knowing the type of deck you will build, the second step is to decide on what the main card is. The main card is basically your win condition, or the card with the strongest card on your deck and is what you will mostly use to win a battle. Each deck usually has one main card, and it is the starting point of building a deck.

Once you have the main card identified, you can now narrow down further the kind of cards you will need. For example, a Controller Deck can have the Hog or Miner as the main card.

If you choose the Hog, then all cards in the deck are designed to support or complement your strategy in adequately utilizing the Hog. It is advisable to have only one main menu so your deck will be appropriately balanced.

3. Collecting the Support Cards

After determining the type of deck and what the main card will be, the third step is collecting all of the support cards needed. It’s important to remember that the support cards should complement the type of deck you’re building and your primary card. These support cards will act as protection for your main card or to help set it up faster.

Your primary card is not unbeatable, and your opponent will try their best to counter it. Your support cards will act as your primary card’s defense, providing counters to the counters that are thrown at you.


clash royale gameplay screenshot battle


4. Include Spell Cards

Spell cards are also essential to have on your deck, as they can be used to attack troops or towers. Having a few spell cards on your deck can be very helpful and can even be the difference between winning or losing a battle.

5. Have Some Building Cards

For added defense, building cards should be included, as they can give extra protection to your towers. But these types of cards are not only for defense, as you can also use them for offense and even help set up the main card. So they are also versatile cards. But their primary role is to provide defense, allowing you to focus most of your support cards on offense.

These are only some of the tips that you can check out on the game. Eventually, there’s more to learn and discover as you play along the way. Thus, downloading the Clash Royale is the first thing that you should do first. So, head on to the download page of this site or click on the “Play Now” button, you can see on the Homepage.

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